The only tool you need in the garden.

The Handy Hoe

Handy Hoe

The handy hoe concept is very old. Used in Asia for thousands of years, the garden hoe or ho-mi is the standard for getting the job done.  We've worked hard to perfect the design and created the best tool possible.  The Handy Hoe gives your back a break by effortlessly cutting through soil, digging holes and doing just about everything else in the garden.  It literally is the sharpest tool in the shed!





The Best

Designed in Portland, Oregon and manufactured responsibly in China, we pay close attention to every possible detail while manufacturing the Handy Hoe. From the solid Beech wood handle to the super strong railway steel selection, we feel that we've created the best garden tool possible.  The curve of the hoe shaft is perfectly balanced to feel right in your hand.  The bright red cap wasn't just a pretty color.  We figured you'd want to find it easily after setting it down in the garden.

We've got you covered.